How to Enjoy the Sun and Outdoors Safely

Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash

You want to make sure you’re enjoying the sunny days in a safe way, so keep in mind these tips before you go outside.

You Got It Made In The Shade.

Avoid the direct sunlight by sitting in the shade. It will feel a little cooler and you’ll minimize your exposure to UV rays when you sit in the shade. Reminder: It’s best to avoid being outside between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm on sunny days when the UV radiation is the highest.

If your spending your day outdoor with minimal shade, plan on taking an umbrella for protection. A better idea would be to schedule your outdoor activities and exercise early in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the brightest part of the day.

Smart Summer Style.

Wear clothing that protects your skin. Long sleeve tops and pants made of lightweight, tight weave fabrics are great ways to protect your skin from the sun. Also, many swimsuits and rash guards have UV protection built-in and are designed to stay cool and fashionable at the pool or beach.

Also, a wide brim hat is helpful to protect your head and face from the sun. Hats are good for everyone, but especially important if you have thin hair or no hair.

Wear Your Sunglasses.

Your eyes are especially sensitive to UV radiation and over time, sun exposure can cause eye damage, cataracts, and even cancer to the eyes and the skin around them.

Not all sunglasses are created equal though. Look for labels that promise 100% UV protection and pick styles that cover the sides of the eyes, such as the wraparound styles.

Don’t Forget The Sunscreen!

Wear it. Every day. No exceptions. Many moisturizers and makeup products include sunscreen, so there is no excuse to not have sunscreen on daily. For the rest of the body, look for the highest SPF you can find, and reapply as directed on the bottle.

Sunscreen alone won’t cut it though, so it’s best if you use sunscreen together with protective clothing and shade.



Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash


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